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  • We’re hiring!

    We’re hiring!

    Southwestern Consulting™ (SWC) is seeking an experienced professional who is passionate about managing special projects, delivering superior client care and being a critical part of a dynamic team that is impacting sales forces nationwide on a daily basis.

    SWC is a team of 100+ professionals dedicated to positively impacting other growing professionals through various coaching techniques. With a coaching staff of over 70 coaches, SWC needs a dedicated Centralized Administrative Coordinator (CAC) to meet the daily needs of a select group of coaches in order to help build their clientele and maintain excellent levels of service.

    This role will work with all levels of professionals and be an integral part of the success of a fast-paced, energetic and influential business.

    For more information on Southwestern Consulting™, visit our website at www.southwesternconsulting.com.

    CAC Responsibilities:

    • Run sales activity reports
    • Market research
    • Value-added correspondence with clients
    • LinkedIn research and list creation for workshops
    • Set up new clients for coaching
    • Calendar and e-mail management
    • Travel arrangements
    • Correspondence with corporate office
    • Resolve payment issues
    • Update and maintain contact cards
    • Other special projects


    • Bachelor’s degree
    • 2-5 years of Administrative and/or Project Management experience
    • Strong computer skills with proficiency in Microsoft Office including Excel, Word, PowerPoint
    • Accuracy, attention to detail and excellent organizational skills
    • Ability to interact with all levels of personnel
    • Self motivation, time-management skills and the ability to coordinate multiple tasks concurrently

    Please send a cover letter and resume to Stephanie at [email protected]

    (Official job description can be found here: CAC_2015_Final)

  • Create Your Ideal Schedule

    Guest Post By: Kitty Barrow


    Effective self-management begins with a well-planned schedule.

    The strategy is to create a schedule for the entire week which includes both professional and personal activities from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed. The idea is to treat this like you’re back in high school and schedule your activities in blocks of time.  I understand in your industry things pop up and it’s difficult to keep to a specific schedule. However, if you can’t picture the perfect week then chances are you’ll never have one. You’ll want to start by planning in your CSF’s – Critical Success Factors that we discussed today!

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  • We’re Hiring! [Graphic Designer + Marketing Assistant]



    Southwestern ConsultingTM, a subsidiary of the 159-year-old Southwestern company, located in Nashville, TN, is seeking an ambitious and talented Graphic Designer to support 3 divisions of our company.


    As a Graphic Designer, you will work closely with the Director of Marketing in a fast- paced environment to create both print and digital designs for a variety of needs not limited to: email marketing campaigns, videos, ezines, website/blog graphics and ads, print training materials, print marketing collateral, new branding initiatives and the potential for experience with client-based projects.


    We are looking for a gunslinger because we are a dynamic group of go-getters and we want to work with someone who is just as dynamic! You are expected to own your role – but you’ll do this in a collaborative team environment with nowhere to go but up!


    Daily Responsibilities:


    • Design graphics and layouts of company marketing materials.

    • Contribute to all marketing-related initiatives creating clean, polished designs, palatable to the professional business arena.

    • Manage projects and tasks in collaborative digital platform. • Contribute creative input to all marketing brainstorming sessions.

    • Learn and work within the marketing functions of our CRM to assist in the graphical elements of digital campaigns.

    • Have a great attitude.


    Minimum Requirements:


    • BFA or BA in Graphic Design or portfolio to back-up skills!

    • 2+ years experience with portfolio of samples

    • Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite

    • Range of design techniques, styles and typographic approaches

    • Ability to take direction but think outside of the box simultaneously

    • Ability to make magic


    Upload your resume and portfolio here: Send Me a File (please use subject line: graphic design)


  • Southwestern Consulting™ is Growing!

    Over the past six months we’ve had the privilege of adding some amazing people to our team!

    If you’d like to learn more about joining the SWC team, tell us a little bit about yourself!

  • This is Going to be an Incredible Year of Growth !!

    We’ve been in a hiring frenzy – adding new members to our Coaching and Seminar divisions.  At Southwestern Consulting™, we are always excited to work with some of the world’s finest Top Producers.  We wanted to share some of our new faces with you.  And if you’re interested in learning more about becoming part of our team – get in touch and tell us a little bit about yourself.

    Nate_Welcome Karla_Welcome Garrett_Welcome Julio_Welcome Erin_Welcom Ken_Welcome

  • Top Producers are Always Prepared – Are You?

    The art of preparation is learning how to not think.  That’s right, you heard me… do not think!  The number one “time-waster” is over thinking.  The reason mid-level producers don’t reach the next level is that they over analyze.  They get analysis paralysis.  Our goal should be to become so prepared before we’re on the battle field that we have already won the fight for the day before the day even begins. 
    Here are some steps on how to win the battle before you fight the war. 

    Step 1: Identify your income producing activities and the times during which you should be focused on them.  For example from 9am-5pm is your IPA time. Discipline yourself and resign yourself to the fact that setting appointments or going on appointments is the only thing you should being during your IPA time.
    Step 2: Schedule preparation time before and after your IPA time. For example, schedule your prep time from 7am-9am, or 5pm-7pm, or 8pm-10pm. Preparation time should be adjacent to IPA time. 

    Areas of Preparation:

    Belief in your product and service

    Spend time with your product and service.  Be an expert in your field. Knowledge breeds confidence, so make sure you have an immense  knowledge of your product or service!

    Prepare emotionally
    Sales is an emotional job. It becomes emotion when events happen that get you off track and you allow those events to become a distraction. Being emotionally prepared for distraction will take anyone’s game to the next level!

    Every year: Complete a check list of things that might go wrong.  Prepare yourself for anything that might happen. 

    Daily: Create physical reminders to help keep you focused.  Create a 3×5 positive affirmation card and read it before every presentation, have a prospecting call-list to call while you travel, put your activity goals in a place where you can see them all day long. For example, put them on your cell phone and screen saver.

    Prepare to be on schedule

    Know your numbers for success; Critical Success Factors.  Know what daily activity you need complete to hit your goals. Commit to the controllable factors – hours, calls, and presentations.  Set activity goals…NOT result goals. Review your numbers every day and track them.  Play games with your numbers. For example, if you need to talk to 10 people every day, draw 10 boxes on a piece of paper and spend the day checking off the boxes.  Create high expectations by pre-filling the date on your order forms.  Keeping an up to date prospecting list and always knowing who your next prospect is will allow you to create a buying atmosphere with that prospect and will help keep you on schedule!

    Technical preparation

    Create a script to follow for every step of your sales cycle. The key with using a script is to know it so well that you don’t sound scripted! You should have a script for each the following: Prospecting, setting appointments, finding a need, presentations, answering objections, closing, and asking for referrals. Create a list of all your satisfied customers for use in your prospecting and presentations, make a testimonial book with stories of why people bought from you, and have a referral pad to record 5 referrals after every demonstration.  Organize your names list, testimonial book, and referral list every morningPlan every hour of your day before you ever start!  Know what stories you’re going to use before you do your presentations.

    You want to be so ready for the day that you know exactly what to do all the time!  This will cause you to be on schedule, be present when you’re with a prospect, and make sure you do everything you must do every day.  Remember, during your IPA timeframe “be smart” and do not think!

    Dustin Hillis


  • Top 5 Things To Look For In A Job

    Southwestern Consulting™ has been helping people reach their potential in over 35 cities across the world from London to Los Angeles by training, motivating, coaching, and consulting top sales professionals from every different arena. We have trained the #1 Remax broker in the nation and the #1 Keller Williams agent in the nation. We have coached the top 1% of producers and managers from companies such as Northwestern Mutual, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Yellow Pages, Wells Fargo, Verizon, Toyota, Bankers Life, State Farm, and many more.

    What we have found is that the cream of the crop in every industry has 5 common reasons why they choose to work with their company. We have also found that those same 5 reasons are why great entrepreneurs and team builders attract top talent to work with them. More importantly, we’ve found that these same 5 reasons are why people stay with a company for more than 1-2 years, and are why people build 30 year long careers with a company.

    Debunking the myths
    If we were to survey a room of managers and ask them what are the top 5 things people are looking for in a job? Most would reply with the following:

    1. Money
    2. Security
    3. Contribution
    4. Co-workers they like
    5. Creativity

    The problem with this thinking is it comes from a very short-term perspective. I recently saw a job advertisement that was promoting a job where the top money earner made over $300,000. That’s a great ad for hiring someone who is hungry for money in the short term to go work somewhere that they possibly aren’t passionate about. Yet they could still go to work there because of the opportunity to earn big bucks. However, we have found that the best of the best people who are satisfied in their jobs do not always go to the opportunity where the employers are throwing money at a certain job. Don’t get me wrong. Making a lot of money is a great thing as long as you are making it in an area about which you are passionate.

    The other day I was on a coaching call with a woman who has been working in her job for less than a year. She was explaining to me how she isn’t motivated. Here were the 6 reasons she was miserable.

    1. Her boss was “arrogant”. – Any time a company is “personality-driven” the people working for that personality will feel less than the ego-driven owner. Look for companies that are “principle-driven”, rather than “personality-driven”.
    2. Each time she came up with an idea her manager took credit for it. – True leaders will give credit to the team and others for the great ideas, and the true leader also will take the blame when things go wrong.
    3. She felt like her opinion didn’t count. – If your opinion doesn’t count, why have one? Why should you care if the company succeeds if they don’t care about your opinion?
    4. She knows that the management team did not care about her as a person. – You are not a number. A good leader should be interested in your passions, family and life.
    5. The office environment was negative. – Your attitude will always be a reflection of the people around you. I once heard a fallacy that you don’t have to be positive to be successful. I would define being successful as being positive all the time regardless of the circumstances.
    6. No one appreciated her for any extra effort she was putting in. – Appreciation is the fuel for enthusiastic effort.

    She didn’t mention one word about how much money she was making or the security of her job.

    When it comes right down to it, there are few people who are motivated by money alone. If you’re one of those people, more power to you. For the rest of us, here are the top 5 things we have found that successful people look for in a job that they actually enjoy.
    1. Co-workers that you respect and truly enjoy being with – When you work with friends, your job becomes a hobby.
    2. Contribution – Make sure that your company understands where the best ideas come from…the people actually doing the work!
    3. Creativity – If you do not have the flexibility to create your own style and adapt the system given to you, then you might feel like a robot working for the man.
    4. Money – Make sure that you have the opportunity to earn what you need to make the proper investments to live the life of your dreams.
    5. Security – I have rarely seen a company that would terminate someone who was productive, positive, contributing, and believed in the mission of the company.

    For everyone who is currently on the job hunt or anyone who is unhappy with their current job, here are 2 questions to ask yourself when making one of the biggest decisions of your life.

    1. Would I want to spend time with my boss outside of work?
    Do you think your potential boss is full of integrity and will do what he/she says he/she will do? Do you see characteristics in your boss that you want to emulate?

    2. Am I passionate about the service this job provides the world?
    Is the product/ service something you believe in and would buy for yourself? You can be successful at anything you believe in and are passionate about!

    Take an educated risk
    Step 1. Identify what you are passionate about. (i.e., cars, travel, fashion, helping other people succeed, etc.)
    Step 2. Make a list of the characteristics you want to see in the people you work with. (i.e., humble, innovative, honest, caring, hard working, kind, etc.)
    Step 3. Break down how much money you need to get started and then figure out how much money you will need to make to invest and live the life of your dreams. (Many times the best opportunities do not come with a guaranteed amount of income. However, great companies will provide you with the support and structure to blow past any guarantee with a small commission. Most of my personal coaching clients who earn over $500,000 per year started with a small draw or straight commission or started their own business and went in debt for several years before building their momentum in what they were passionate about and living the life of their dreams.)

    Don’t waste your life chasing a buck. Go after what you are passionate about with all your might, and when the dust settles you will be on top!

    For more info on job opportunities click HERE.

    Dustin Hillis

    Co-founder Southwestern Consulting™


    “Southwestern salespeople are the greatest salespeople in the world.” – Og Mandino