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Sales Tips: 5 Scripts to Handle Blow Off Objections

From: Dew Tinnin

Dew Tinnin

When I started my sales career, I was given a script and I started dialing. Like most salespeople, I was given basic scripts to handle common objections like price. But I wasn’t trained on how to overcome blow off objections – the lame excuses I heard when someone was just trying to blow me off.

  • “Send me some information.”
  • “I’m happy in my current situation.”
  • “I need some time to think about it.”

I lost deal after deal until I finally learned how to keep from being blown off. Just like any objection, the best way to overcome the blow off is to write out a power statement script that is in your own words. I’ve started some sample scripts for you – feel free to take these and make them your own.

1. “Can you just send me some information?”

“Absolutely, what’s your email address? Now [name], I want to be absolutely sure that the information I send you is what you’re looking for. If you were in my situation sending information to you, what would you be sure to include?”

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