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by Laura Stack

#1 in amazon / business skills

Top #50 best seller overall

Super Competent is a compilation of what top performers, in any field, do to be more efficient and effective at their job.

Overall summary:

Know what you need to work on. Make time for it each day. Focus on one task at a time. Organize necessary information to complete that task. Be responsible for your results. Never give up.

Laura’s 6 keys to perform at your productive best

1.      Activity                                               

You have to make the time to spend your energy in the areas where it will produce you income. Always do what drives revenue first. Decide on activities based on the income produced from that activity. It’s not about time worked or hours worked it’s about what you accomplish that drives income and revenue during that time period. Do those activities first and foremost every day.

2.      Availability

At the end of today look at tomorrow. Act as if you only worked a 2 hour work day. Ask yourself, if I only had 2 hrs to work tomorrow what would I do? The more time we think we have each day the less urgent and less productive we become. Block time in your schedule to complete those ‘2-hr tasks’.

                -group appts geographically

                -set back to back meetings

                -group like activities during the same time period

We value other peoples time more than our own. Be creative and disciplined about being available to others.

3.      Attention                           

Power is focus and focus is power. Do not multi task. Focus on one task at a time. Shut down technology. Create a bubble around yourself with no emails, no phone calls and no interruptions. Eliminate distractions. The #1 thing that distracts us is ourselves. Shut all other tasks down and complete one task at a time. Be a single task worker not a multi task worker.

Keep a pad of paper and every time you think of something you need to do, write it down, and do it later. It does not need to be done now. Finish the task at hand.

4.      Accessibility

How accessible are the tools you need to complete your tasks? Organize your information. Have systems in place to be able to find what you need when you  need it. You should be able to find any document or information necessary to do your work in 30 seconds or less! So many of us waste hours every week just looking for the things we need to get our work done. Put a centralized system in place for your information.

5.      Accountability

Take responsibility for what you do and do not complete each day. Look for ways to continually grown and improve your systems, processes and overall business. Keep up with new trends to be more efficient. Take a self assessment of where you hold up the line in getting things done. Find ways to improve and hold yourself accountable.

6.      Attitude

The one who has the better attitude always ends up on top. Be the person that people love to be around. A better attitude not only makes you happier and more productive but it has an overall effect on your colleagues, your company and the overall value that people perceive you have.

Laura’s #1 tip:

Having centralized systems in place. Investing in new technology that provides the ability to work easier, faster and more efficiently.

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