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  • FREE Sales Training TONIGHT!

    Do you have difficulty remembering customer’s names?

    Do you have the perfect answer for an objection, but can’t remember it?

    HELP IS HERE – Tips to improve your ability to remember the names of your customers, people you meet and general techniques to creating a “steel-trap” memory.

    Our ASK THE SALES EXPERTS teleseminar TONIGHT – THURSDAY, December 8th at 7:00PM CT.

    Amanda Johns – The Importance of Visual Images

    Gary Michels – The Stellar 6 Ideas to Memorize & Use the Things You’ve Learned

    Rory Vaden – The 7 “tions” of Remembering People’s Names

    Ron Marks – Super Charge Your Memory Through Proper Nutrition

    Dustin Hillis – Maximizing Technology to Help You Remember

    Emmie Young – Memorizing Scripts in Your Natural Learning Style



    CALL IN: 712-432-0404  access code: 555575#

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  • Top Producer’s Tips Navigating Buying Behaviors

    Does your sales style work well for Prospect A, but bombs with Prospect B? Our Top Producer Training Professionals will share tips on how to NAVIGATE BUYING BEHAVIORS of the 4 different types of buyers.

    Our ASK THE SALES EXPERTS teleseminar THURSDAY, November 10th at 7:00PM CST, will help guide you through the various buying styles.



    CALL IN: 712-432-0404  access code: 555575#

    Live Chat on our Facebook Page  at 7:00pm CST – Join us for LIVE Q & A during teleseminar


    Gary Michels – How to Identify Behavioral Styles and Quickly Adapt
    Ron Marks – Managing More Effectively Through the Behavioral Styles
    Dustin Hillis  – Navigate Appointments: Modifying Your Sales Approach to Match Your Prospects Buying Behavior Style
    Emmie Young – Why Navigate? The Reasons You Don’t Sell to Everyone the Same Way
    Rory Vaden – 6 Keys to R.E.V.E.A.L. the Potential in the 4 Types of People Around You 
    Amanda Johns – Identifying the Different Sales Behavioral Styles Over the Phone




  • 5 Steps to Keeping Appointments & Reducing Cancellations

    Here is a 5 step process to confirm appointments, reduce cancellations and decrease rescheduling! Read it, learn it, implement it!

    Post Appointment Follow Up Guidelines

    Step 1: Send confirmation email with date/ time of your appointment. Send email within a few hours of setting appointment.
    · Sample email verbiage:

    I just wanted to thank you again for taking a few minutes with me on the phone today, I really appreciate it. I look forward to meeting to meeting you in person on (date/time). Please feel free to call or email me if you need any extra information or have any additional questions. My contact information is listed below. Thank you again.

    Step 2: Send Outlook invite
    · Once you schedule an appointment (phone meeting or physical appointment) schedule the meeting in your Outlook calendar and then invite them to join your meeting (Outlook function). The individual will have to accept or decline the meeting at which point you will be notified of their decision. If they accept the meeting, the appointment will immediately be placed into their personal calendar. This is also a good indicator of the quality of your appointments.

    Step 3: Handwritten Thank You card
    · In a world full of high-tech availability sometimes the most unique, visible and personal thing you can do to catch someone’s attention is to send them a good ole fashioned hand written thank you card. Don’t under estimate the power of the personalized touch that comes with a handwritten thank you card!
    · When the market is saturated and your prospect has a variety of options here is the key to being noticed among your competition; find out what everyone else is doing then do the opposite.
    · Just think, when is the last time your real estate agent, insurance agent or car salesperson sent you a handwritten thank you card thanking you for your business?

    Step 4: Add them to your network on LinkedIn
    · This acts as one more way of getting connected and building rapport before your actual appointment. The more they have invested in you the less likely they are to cancel or postpone your meeting. Get to know them and let them get to know you. This is especially powerful if you have recommendations available on your profile.

    Step 5: Follow up with a phone call a few days before the actual date of your appointment
    If you have to leave a message call back the next day. Call until you are able to confirm your appointment. Start the attempts 5 days before the scheduled meeting because it may take you 2-3 days to actually reach your prospect. Reconfirm the meeting address, let them know you will be there a few minutes early and remind them of anything they may need to bring.

    Appointment Confirmation Rule of Thumb

    If the appointment is more than 10 days away:
    a. Complete steps 1-4 within 48 hrs.
    b. Call 1 week before appointment for confirmation.
    c. Send an email the day before your appointment to let your prospect know how much you are looking forward to meeting them tomorrow.
    If the appointment is less than 10 days away:
    d. Complete steps 1-4 the same day as you set the appointment.
    e. Call 2 days before meeting to re-confirm the details.

    In the Spirit of Success,

    Amanda Johns
    Southwestern Consulting
    formerly known as Success Starts Now!
    2451 Atrium Way
    Nashville, TN 37214

    Join my professional network on LinkedIn


    Please share your tips that work or let us know what  you think about the 5 Steps.

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  • Top Producer’s Tips for Successful Cash Collections

    You worked so hard to close the sale – are you now having difficulty collecting the payment?

    Our ASK THE SALES EXPERTS teleseminar THURSDAY, AUGUST 11TH at 7:00PM CDT, will help guide you through some successful and new techniques to collections.

    Rory Vaden – Square Up: Next Generation Credit Card Processing

    Amanda Johns – The Mindset Behind the Money

    Gary Michels – Handling Payment Concerns Before & After the Sale with Ease

    Emmie Young – The World Renowned CREW Method to Retain Clients

    Ron Marks – Developing Your Closing Instinct

    Dustin Hillis – How to Create a compelling Price Comparison in an Emotional Close


    CALL IN: 712-432-0404  access code: 555575#

    Live Chat on our Facebook Page  at 7:00pm CDT – Join us for LIVE Q & A during teleseminar

  • 5 Easy Steps to Creating a Follow-Up System

    5 Easy Steps for Effective Follow Up & How to Incorporate Social Media

    For sales professionals, having an up-to-date contact management database is one of the KEY systems you must have in place to be successful. Even more important, is having a
    system in place to create effective follow-up. Your business is built on following up with leads and building relationships.

    If you don’t have a contact management system in place, you will not be able to follow-up effectively with prospects, you could lose clients and you will not be able to build your business.

    Your contact management system doesn’t need to be an expensive database but it does need to be easy to use, easy to maintain and easy for you to find your contact data. Once your contact management system is in place, you need to ensure that you keep it up-to-date and are using it to follow-up with prospects and client regularly.

    Here are 5 easy strategies for an effective follow-up system:

    1.   Update as you go. Whenever you speak with or email a contact, take a few minutes afterwards to update your database with this information BEFORE moving on to the next task. For example, did your conversation end with you promising to contact them again? If so, note this and create a follow-up task so you don’t forget.

    2. Touch base regularly. Each month go through your database and see who you haven’t had any contact with over the last few months. Send them a ‘just touching base with you’ email or call them.

    3. Don’t forget snail mail. A handwritten thank-you card gets noticed, so invest time in writing personal notes to key contacts – they will remember you for it. If you want to keep it automated, a great tool to use is Send Out Cards – it’s really quick and simple to use. You can choose to send either a card or postcard and it is a great ‘stay-in-touch’ service. It is just as simple to use as email, only more personal!

    4. Send a newsletter. It is not exactly a personal one-on-one follow-up, but it is keeping you in touch with your database and your name in front of them. Your newsletter may generate a response from the reader, which means you will be able to turn this into a one-on-one communication with your contact!

    5. Make it a habit: Update your database regularly. If you don’t get the opportunity to update your database as you’re going along, spend 20 minutes at the end of each day reflecting on what you’ve done during the day, who you’ve contacted, what the outcome was, and enter all of this information into your contact management system.


    1. LINKEDIN TIP: Do a search to see if your contact has a LinkedIn profile. If so, send a request to connect. Do not use the default invite – write a personal note that addresses your conversation, thanks them for them time, etc.
    2. TWITTER TIP: Search for their Twitter profile and follow them.  The nice thing about twitter is that you can follow anyone; you don’t have to wait to be accepted. You can then send a direct message to them on Twitter. Take the time to review their Twitter feed and find a tweet that is worth re-tweeting. Everyone loves to have their contact re-tweeted and it will help to build a lasting relationship.
    3. FACEBOOK TIP: Most people are not going to add new contacts to their Facebook profile, because it is a place for connecting with friends. But, some contacts may have business pages that are used for just that – business. Do a Facebook search for the contact’s business name and if they have a Facebook PAGE, then be sure to LIKE it. This gives you another platform to connect with your contact and build a relationship.


    For more tips on using  SOCIAL MEDIA for marketing and follow-up, check out Rory Vaden’s NEXT GENERATION MARKETING.

  • 5 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make on LinkedIn

    So you want to use LinkedIn to increase your sales? It’s no wonder it’s the place to be with over 100 million affluent, ambitious and influential business people like yourself connecting daily. Many sales professional are trying to use LinkedIn to find more leads, to connect with decision makers and increase sales; but most are not seeing results.

    You can make the most of your LinkedIn marketing efforts by avoiding these 5 mistakes:


    The first thing people do when they join LinkedIn is to create a profile. There are places to add previous job roles, qualifications, etc. and this is where people make the mistake of turning their profile into a resume. Unless you are job hunting, resist the temptation to complete these sections in complete detail.

    The most effective introductions focus on who you help and what problems you help them solve or results you help them achieve. Then you can give them more details as to why you are uniquely qualified to help.

    LinkedIn is for making business connections and you need to design your profile to have the impact you want on those connections.


    When people find you in searches on LinkedIn or when you contribute to Group discussions or Answers Q&A section; the only thing visible is a little box with your name, photo, and your headline. If your headline is your job title, “Sales Manager at XYZ Company”, it doesn’t give people a compelling reason to connect with you; unless they are seeking out your company or sales managers to market to. NOTE: unless you change your headline manually, LinkedIn takes the headline from your last job title.

    COMPARE: Sales Manager at A1 Consulting TO: 4.7 Billion Sales > 900% Growth | Grew Share 14 to 44% | VP Sales Marketing A1 Consulting


    If you create your LinkedIn profile and then fail to reach out to others and join groups where your prospects are, then it’s like attending a networking event and standing in a corner waiting for people to come to you. You need to go out and engage with others.

    Here are some easy ways to engage with others:

    • Update your status message daily

    • Comment on other people’s statuses just like Facebook and Twitter

    • Answer questions on the Q & A boards – This will help you prove your expertise and appears as a leader


    When most people send out invitations to connect, they leave LinkedIn default message. They don’t personalize the email and explain to prospective connections why they should engage and connect with you. You need to tell people what they will get out of the relationship. It also shows the prospective connections that you are taking the time to draft a personal email showing that the connection is important to you. Otherwise, sending the default message looks like you are just spamming a target list to see how many connections you can get. Your connections should be about quality not quantity.


    After coaching many sales professionals to optimize their LinkedIn profiles, I have found that most of them had joined groups that were “sales” groups filled with their competition. Now, it’s good to join some of your own industry’s groups so you have up-to-date information, tools and strategies. But you want to join groups that your prospects belong to – and not just your competition. And, you can join up to 50 groups. Join as many as you can be active in and that you see as your target market. Remember, that when you put out new content and send it to your groups, it will be delivered as a message to them. So, if you belong to 50 groups with 1000 people in each group, your content will immediately reach 50,000 people in your target market.

    IF YOU ARE COMPLETELY NEW TO LINKEDIN, download your FREE guide to Getting Started with LinkedIn.

    IF YOU ARE READY FOR MORE ADVANCED LINKEDIN AND OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS & TECHNIQUES, Rory Vaden’s Next Generation Marketing is for you. You will create new strategies, develop bigger audiences, and foster synergy
    between your old customers and your new prospects.

    You will develop a simple, straightforward, easy-to-manage strategy (which is the most critical step) to increasing your revenue from social media. This program goes beyond anything that has ever been done before, because Rory takes the tireless wisdom of thousands of hours of training on social media and connects it with century-old rock solid principles of professional salesmanship and success. He shows you how to apply everything you already know about sales to this new and exciting medium of social media.

    BUY NOW!

  • LINKEDIN is Now #2 Social Networking Site

    Are you even using LinkedIn?

    Can you be found on the internet by prospects?

    Are you using social media and other technology to increase your sales?

    Our ASK THE SALES EXPERTS teleseminar THURSDAY, JULY 14TH at 7:00PM CDT, will help guide you through some of the tools to use on your social media sites and other tools to increase your sales, your presence and your success!

    Technological Tips for Increasing Efficiency & Improving Sales Performance

    Dustin Hillis  – The Smart Phone is Everything You Need

    Emmie Young – Using Technology to Save Time and Maximize Every Second of Your Day

    Amanda Johns – The Best LinkedIn Strategies of Our Time

    Gary Michels – Effectively Using Power Points, Testimonial Letters and Videos

    Rory Vaden – Organizing Your Friends for Fabulous Follow Up


    CALL IN: 712-432-0404  access code: 555575#

    Live Chat on our Facebook Page  at 7:00pm CDT – Join us for LIVE Q & A during teleseminar


  • Selling with Social Media: Prospecting with LinkedIn

    Selling with Social Media: Prospecting with LinkedIn

    So you’ve set up all of your profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin; now what?

    Below is a sneak peek into some of the social media training we will be covering in Southwestern Consulting’s brand new coaching session:  Get Found, Get Known, Get Clients!

    LinkedIn is a social network that is known for being used primarily by professionals. It’s use is continuing to evolve as more people are joining the network and it is becoming useful to a wider variety of industries. LinkedIn is a great place to connect with other professionals in the same industry and who may be able to help you with referrals or information. It is a great place to build a community of potential customers.

     The video below shows you how to use Linked In to immediately develop a list of target prospects for just about any business you are in. Whether it’s developing referral partners or gathering pre-approach on cold prospects the “advanced search” feature on Linked In can provide you with an immediate, targeted, and free list of people to try and meet. The list gives you a chance to gather a bit more information than you’d normally have on any introductory approach. You can spend thousands of dollars buying lists that are out-dated and that have limited information or you can use Linked In for a very up to date list with lots of detailed information.

    Rory Vaden MBA is a self-discipline strategist, author, and motivational speaker. He is known world-wide for his resonating “Take the Stairs” message of self-discipline. With so many people wondering if social media is the next “escalator” to success Rory has gotten intimately involved with what social media can and can’t do. This video segment is one of 25 lessons from his brand new 3 disc resource called Next Generation Marketing: Selling products, services, and ideas with social media in 30 minutes a day.