What Do You Really Want?

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“He who hesitates is lost.”  Proverb

In my business, we are always talking about motivation. Motivation is the “spark” that ignites the fire I like to call energy or action.  We are all motivated for different reasons, however there are typically three ways that ignite action:

1) FEAR has been used as motivator for years.  Often there is some sort of punishment should you not complete the assigned task. This punishment is usually something very painful to you and therefore, you will do anything to avoid it. This type of motivation could be called the, “do it or else” method. The problem with this type of motivation is that it only works temporarily. For example, if a coach makes you run extra laps in order to be a starter in the next race; or perhaps a teacher tells you to study or else you will fail the course, chances are you will probably do it. However, if for some reason you don’t see the coach or teacher for a while, you are likely to slip up and not do the work.

2) REWARD is another method that is often used to motivate people. It is simply the promise of some type of reward or prize if you hit a certain goal. This method doesn’t always work for a couple of reasons. One reason why the reward method of motivation may not work is because the reward may not be big enough. If the reward offered does not truly interest a person, they will not put in extra effort to achieve that reward.  Second, just as some of us are afraid of failure, some of us are afraid of success. This means as a person comes close to achieving their goal, their motivation gets miss-directed and they self-sabotage.

3) SELF-MOTIVATION is the best type of motivation.  I like to say it is the best because with this type of motivation, we tend to engage in an activity because we want to. Self-motivation forces a person to answer why something should be done.  Then, they must figure out what’s in it for them if they do it, and finally, it helps them to see how doing the activity will satisfy everyone’s own need to feel wanted and important. I challenge you to really dig into the thrill and joy of SELF-MOTIVATION. Enjoy accomplishing something because you WANT to do it.

Spend some time today and write out what it is YOU really want.  Make sure it is something that will bring you extreme peace, ecstasy, joy, etc. The journey of getting there will be fun if YOU REALLY WANT IT. Imagine hearing a voice in your head asking you over and over and over, “What do you want?” What would your answer be? What are you willing to do to get what you want? How hard are you willing to work? What are you willing to give up?  If you have enough motivation you will achieve whatever you set out to accomplish!

Building Confidence In You



motivation and Confidence

The other day, someone asked me, “What makes a customer or prospect have confidence in the person selling to them?”


Great question!!


First of all, you must believe yourself, that you along with your product/service, are the absolute best choice for that particular person.  My self-talk goes something like this: “I am the best salesperson, working for the best company, with the best products and services, for this person, at this time.” Psyche yourself up with this kind of self-talk.  Once you do this, you’ll be well on your way to successful selling.


Besides self-talk, video record yourself giving your presentation.  Listen to it once with your back to the screen.  This way, you can hear exactly what you say as well as how you say it. The next time through, watch it with the sound turned down.  This will help illustrate how your body-language speaks to others.  Do you have any distracting habits like adjusting your glasses or twirling your hair?


In addition to improving your self-talk and your confidence surrounding your ability to sell, there are a few other things you can do to establish confidence in you from the folks who are soon to be your customers.


1)    Write an article or story about your company or yourself, what you are doing to help others, and what results/benefits those people received.

2)    Get a prospect to help you in your presentation. Maybe they can pass out materials or ask for directions on how to get to the appointment.

3)    Be as prepared as possible. Don’t be fumbling with papers, tripping over your verbiage, or moving with a tentative step.

4)    Tell a story about you helped another client or maybe even film one of your happy clients with your phone sharing briefly about their success with you. The show this video to your prospect.

5)    Carry a printed list of people who have worked with you in the past and share where appropriate.

6)    Have “Champion Letters” on hand. These are testimonials from some of your most loyal customers. Try to have one letter that addresses each one of the objections you may get during the sales process.

7)    Get a referral and then ask the person who gave you the referral to personally introduce you or call ahead and put in a good word before you make the final contact.

8)    Let your clients know you are not part of a “fly by night” company and that you make a point of having regular contact with your customers.

9)    Lastly, make people feel that you truly care about them. There is no need for “commission breath”. You should come across as someone who really wanting to help them achieve.


If your prospects trust you, they will eventually buy from you. It is all about that confidence that they MUST have in you that will determine your success. Pick at least one of the items on the list above and put it into action today.  Continue using that idea and bit by bit it will become second nature to you.  The more you practice, the more you will be ready for your sales presentation.  Soon, without thinking about it, you will be instilling confidence into your prospects.

The 7 Keys to Great Leadership

Leadership success

7 Keys to Leadership


Are you a leader?  Do you feel like you are often a mentor to others? Do you enjoy helping others live up to their potential? Regardless if you are a leader by title, or you find yourself taking on the role of leadership within your organization, nothing gives you a better framework by which to live your life.  If you do lead people, then these tips will be of great use to you.  I have found what I like to refer to as the “7 Keys of Leadership”.  I have listed them below- take a look and let me know if you have any to add to my list.


1)      The Key of Faith – Very few people ever rise to leadership without possessing some sort of faith. You must have faith in your fellow workers, in your company, in your vision, and in God or some spirituality.


2)      The Key of LoveFaith without the Love is largely powerless and not very useful. With the addition of love, both become extremely powerful. You should love what you do for a living and where you work. You should love the people you work with and those people you serve in whatever line of work you are in.


3)      The Key of Understanding – You should be the first to understand all the rules, regulations, skillsets and techniques for success. Individuals who are “in the know” lead the world. Good leaders try to understand the constraints of a situation and work to inspire their people to find a way to succeed.


4)      The Key of a Strong Work Ethic – If one does not possess a strong work ethic by which to lead others, it is difficult to achieve success. Your team will do half of what you do right and twice what you do wrong.  Showing those around you that you are not asking them to do anything you, yourself, would not be willing to do.


5)      The Key of Self Effacement – Leaders must put themselves in the background and let others take the credit when possible. Be generous of giving praise to others and not needing all the glory.


6)      The Key of Following – A great leader must also be a great follower.  He or she must be willing to be led, coached, mentored by others and know there is always something that can be learned. A great leader must first be willing to be led.


7)      The Key of Sincerity – A great leader always leads by example. He or she thinks things through in order to make the right choices. A strong leader matches what they say at the dinner table to what they say at the conference table. And a strong leader truly cares about others. “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”


Please review these keys and suggestions often to Turn It Up A notch in your Leadership skills. Remember that true leaders don’t need the title and don’t always wait to be told what to do. A true leader leads and does what is right. If you live your life with integrity, people will follow.

Goal Setting for Success

Goal setting is important- are you remembering to set yours?

Be sure to set “stretch” goals for yourself

Goals.  We all have them.  Personal, professional, spiritual, and even emotional. As humans, we are constantly trying to grow and evolve.  Let’s take a look at how we can take our goals, and turn them into reality.  Below I outline 5 tips for successfully achieving your goals.  If you follow my steps, you should be not only setting goals, but realizing success in all areas of your life!  Take a few moments and really think about what you want for yourself.  Make a list of goals and get started living your best life yet!

Get specific

A vague goal is as useful as no goal at all. General ideas about what you want give you nothing to work with and nowhere to go. It is only when you get specific about what you want that the path to success is revealed. Take time and narrow down your resolutions into specific areas and ideas. Turn those vague goals into crystal-clear ones. Now you know what you are working towards.

Spread the word

Don’t keep your goals all to yourself. Communication is key. The more you share your goals with others, the more life and importance you give to those goals. It gives them a chance to grow and gain momentum.  You should tell at least two other people about your goal- the more people you share your goals with, the better. Be sure not to make the mistake of giving without receiving. Don’t forget to spend as much time listening to the ideas and goals of others as you did in sharing your own.

Buddy up

When it comes to living a better life, few things are as powerful or persuasive as a living, breathing human being.  Books, tapes, videos, etc. can be of help, but nothing can compare to one-on-one interaction.  The buddy system is one of the most effective goal-achievement tools you can use. By partnering with a fellow goal-seeker, you will be sure to have plenty of support.  The kind of support you need to achieve anything and everything you set your mind to. You might also refer to your buddy as an accountability partner.  Someone who knows what your goals are, and will keep you accountable to do the work necessary to realize them.

Burn the bridge

What do I mean by that?  Make yourself 100% accountable to achieving your goals. While preparing his next book, a famous writer listed his weight at fifty pounds lighter than reality. Not only that, but he did so knowing full well that only months after publication he would be paraded in front of thousands of his biggest fans. Why?  To burn the bridge of easy escape. He knew he needed to lose the weight, but he also knew he would give up on the goal without any pressure to follow through. By promising his public a fifty-pound weight loss, he had no choice but to achieve the goal.  What steps can you take today to burn the bridge of an easy escape and commit yourself to living a better life?

Do something – NOW

As the saying goes, there’s no time like the present, and when it comes to living a better life, that old adage couldn’t be more correct.  The true power of taking one small step comes not in the small step of progress you’ll make, but in the act of doing something about the things you want.  As you know, getting started is often the most difficult part of the process. Millions of people dream, but few actually ever take action…and that is why it is critical that you do something today. Think of one small step you can take right now that will bring you closer to accomplishing your goal and once you have it in mind, DO IT! Don’t think about it; don’t consider it – JUST DO IT NOW! 

I hope this encourages you to start setting goals for yourself.  Not just any goals- specific, actionable, goals.  Goals that you will allow others to hold you accountable to achieving. I have found that when I followed these 5 steps, my goal setting has led me to be more successful in all areas of my life.  I hope it does the same for you!




Time to “Turn It Up A Notch”


I am very excited to be coming to all of you now every Tuesday with Live Videos called “TURN IT UP A NOTCH TUESDAY”. For years Tuesday has always been a day that I believe gets lost in the week. Monday, people are eager to get off to a great start, but by Tuesday some of that early week momentum fades away and people seem to want a jump start of some sort.

We will be doing short live videos that will be seen on my Facebook page, Turn It Up A Notch with Gary Michels. Take a moment and check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/TurnItUpaNotch/

It’s all about Momentum and keeping the week rolling. If you have momentum you can take a speeding locomotive, going 100 mph, and bash right through a 10 foot thick brick wall. However, if you have no momentum, you can place a 1 inch square wooden block on that same track in front of the locomotives wheels and it will not even move.

My short videos will cover a variety of topics. Including how to get more motivated and inspired, tips on growing your sales and business, ideas on how to attract amazing things into your life without all the heavy lifting, and much more!

My Turn It Up a Notch Radio Show, Turn It Up A Notch Keynote I conduct for companies globally, and Turn it Up a Notch training and coaching sessions are all about adding EXCITEMENT AND ENTHUSIASM in all areas of your life. The addition of these emotions are valuable and make up for the inefficiencies we all have in parts of our life. What could be possible for you if you were just more excited and enthusiastic? How would the people in your life react? Would your employees work harder? Would the prospects you are trying to sell to buy more from you? Would your clients refer you more often? Would your family and significant other love seeing you this way?

I am so excited to bring these tips, techniques, tricks, ideas, and thoughts to you on a regular basis and be a source of so many great things for all of you.

Its time to Turn It Up A Notch!


Gary Michels