9 Ways to Stay Positive

Do you see the glass as half-full?

Do you see the glass as half-full?


There is such a huge desire from most people in society to be positive.  A positive outlook is not always achieved or easy to come by.  Most people would love to know how to have more positive thoughts in their life.  Here are a few things to incorporate into your life so you can stay more positive, or do what I like to call BBF (Bounce Back Fast) from being negative.


1)    Make sure that you have a positive environment around yourself. Your friends, family, and work peers make up much of who you are. It is estimated that you are the average of the 5 people with whom you spend the most time.  I challenge everyone I am around to be the kind of person that lifts people up when they enter a room rather than brings people down. What about you?

2)    Ask the proper questions of yourself.  Instead of asking “Why does this always happen to me?”  Ask yourself, “What can I learn from this or what is good about this?” “How can I improve myself or my situation?”

3)    Take care of your physical self. Nobody can take of you better than you. Make sure you get in 2-3 physical workouts a week of some sort, even if it is a light workout such as a walk or bike ride. See to it that you also get the proper amount of sleep and rest so you are more engaged when awake. Lastly, nourish your body with the right foods and enough water. You wouldn’t put inferior grade gas and oil in your car all the time nor would you give spoiled milk to a baby.  Therefore, why would you consistently fuel yourself with poor food choices?

4)    Be Grateful.  Ask yourself, “what is great about today?”  Also, ask yourself who are the 3 people to whom you are most grateful?  Let them know. Be sure to ask yourself what are you grateful for about yourself.  This is an important one.

5)    Start the day on the right foot. I like to start my day with 10-10 Visualizations. What I do here is recite out loud 10 things I am grateful for and 10 things I want and will have. Literally reciting out loud back and forth for 10 minutes. It gets my blood going and I am confident it will get yours going too! By stating what you are grateful for as well as what you are working to accomplish, you are reinforcing your goals and what you are most thankful for every day.

6)    Focus on Solutions. How can the situation be improved or fixed? Don’t spend your time focusing on the problem. Instead of sitting in your misery, ask yourself, what you can do to TAKE ACTION NOW? It is important to give yourself credit for any steps, no matter how small, you are making.  Do not beat yourself up for not conquering or completing everything all at once.

7)    Reduce worries. Only 3% of the things people worry about ever come to fruition, so why worry?  Instead of worrying, focus on things or focus on a solution to the problem or potential problem.

8)    Declare everything Perfect! Do this especially when things do not seem perfect. There is always something good that can come from every situation. When you tell yourself things or situations are perfect you tend to look for the good in things, rather than the bad.

9)    Remember that things can only get better. There is a concept out there that so often lived out and that is, “It is often the darkest before the storm”.  Let the storm pass, and look for the light.


“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”


Go out and have a Positive Day!

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