When I think of the ultimate in teamwork, I think of the Blue Angels flight team.  These pilots must be not only perfect but also precise in their daily performances.   They do this not only entertain, but to stay alive.  They raise the bar in a multitude of ways.  Their passion for what they do along with the amount of preparation and dedication to being the best is remarkable.  Regarding teamwork, when it is at its best, amazing standards are being set daily.  What level do you think your team is currently operating?  I am referring to the team you work with, and perhaps your family unit as well? Where do you and your team and need to raise the bar?  What areas do you think need the most improvement?

Below you will find a few common characteristics seen in teams that work well together and achieve significant successes, both together and as individuals.

Teams that rock, or are wildly successful, tend to share certain common values.  I find these teams typically have very focused goals along with a passion for succeeding.  You can ask any member of that team what is the focus of their team.  Each member of the team will know the main goal and they will all answer in a similar fashion. These teammates are so committed to their shared goals and success that they will put the success of the team first and be willing to make personal sacrifices in order to help the team.  One person on the team may purposefully take a back seat for a short while and let another teammate succeed.  They realize that a short-term sacrifice of glory and ego, today will help the entire team in the long run.

When you are a part of a top team, teamwork is not something you only do part time. You live your life by doing what is best for the team.   I like to teach the concept of either/and instead of either/or. Top leaders of top teams must have a team first attitude and mentality.  Also, they must make sure they are performing at their very best.  When you are at your very best, in most cases you are helping the team as well.

Top teams tend to consist of several leaders, leaders that are confident and skilled enough to walk the talk, not just talk the talk. In all areas both personal and professional you will see top teams whose leaders lead by example and set the pace. They are proactive, rather than reactive and plan on winning no matter what.

Yet another part of teamwork to be aware of is trust.  Teams that have a great chemistry also have amazing trust for one another.  This comes from amazing communication amongst the team.  Often teammates will carve out  time to communicate when challenges arise.  Typically the type of situations that may threaten the bond and success of their team.  Often, trust is broken when communication is poor.  People who want to grow their teamwork skills must make good communication a priority.

Teams that succeed are the teams that prepare the most. They often work harder and more diligently than anyone would imagine. Whether its additional hours of work in order to prepare, or tenacious effort during the hours of preparation, strong teams do the work. Ask yourself this question: Does your team put, less, the same, or more work when preparing for success than the average team?  The answer probably lies in your results.  If your team isn’t where you want it to be, it is because you need to work on becoming more prepared. 

Lastly, great teams have great attitudes. Attitude stems from what and how teammates talk to themselves when no one else is around.  They have clear affirmations and the words they said whether to themselves or to their team.  Of course, things happen in life and having a good attitude and good self-talk can help everyone bounce back fast from the challenges one may experience.

You don’t see winners walking around defeated and down.  It’s because they have mastered the self – talk and attitude skill set.

What type of team do you want to build? When do you want to start? What are you and your teams biggest growth areas to Turn It Up A Notch in your teamwork abilities?

The “Perfect” Game

Sometimes your action needs to be your "perfect" self-talk!

Sometimes your action needs to be your “perfect” self-talk!


This game is more of a challenge,  I challenge you to view the world as “perfect”,  Perfect exactly the way it is and the way it is not. Regardless of your circumstances, you need to view the world as perfect.  Begin this challenge by figuring out right now how everything that has ever happened to you has been the perfect thing.  You also need to decide that where you have been and what you have done in your life thus far, has led you to where you are today.

Why is today perfect? You are alive! You have a body that functions! You have opportunities to contribute to the good of mankind and help others achieve happiness. Go ahead, choose anything in your life and declare it perfect. Do it right now! What is perfect in your life? Why is it perfect?

Every time something happens to you, especially if it is something that was not exactly how you planned it, declare it to be “Perfect!”  Then, thank the Universe for bringing that experience to you and allowing you to learn from it. Without failures in your life, you will never know the taste of success. Ask yourself what can be learned from this? How can I grow? Is the action or event you are experiencing teaching you how to be more patient, more of a risk taker, be more giving… or is it giving you feedback letting you know where you are now and what areas of your personality do you want to continue to work on?

If your leader or manager tells you the commission rate is going down, say “Perfect, I was wondering how I was going to break through barriers and make more sales. Should a prospect you have been counting on to purchase your product or service, suddenly decide not to, you need to say to yourself, “Perfect”.  Then, you say to yourself something along the lines of : “I was getting too attached to that deal anyway. I found myself feeling off-kilter because I was so desperate for that one particular sale. The Universe will always provide for me as long as I mean well and work hard.”

Start playing this “Perfect” game with those around you. Ask yourself what is right about this person? Why have they entered my life? What do I like about them? What are their positive attributes?  How can I honor them?  You must strive to always be in the “perfect” mindset. It is knowing you are experiencing each moment for a specific reason.   

To wrap up this “Turn It Up a Notch” blogging session, I would like to ask yourself:


1.  What is perfect today?
2.  What is perfect about my career?
3.  What is perfect about my life?
4.  What is perfect about myself?


9 Ways to Stay Positive

Do you see the glass as half-full?

Do you see the glass as half-full?


There is such a huge desire from most people in society to be positive.  A positive outlook is not always achieved or easy to come by.  Most people would love to know how to have more positive thoughts in their life.  Here are a few things to incorporate into your life so you can stay more positive, or do what I like to call BBF (Bounce Back Fast) from being negative.


1)    Make sure that you have a positive environment around yourself. Your friends, family, and work peers make up much of who you are. It is estimated that you are the average of the 5 people with whom you spend the most time.  I challenge everyone I am around to be the kind of person that lifts people up when they enter a room rather than brings people down. What about you?

2)    Ask the proper questions of yourself.  Instead of asking “Why does this always happen to me?”  Ask yourself, “What can I learn from this or what is good about this?” “How can I improve myself or my situation?”

3)    Take care of your physical self. Nobody can take of you better than you. Make sure you get in 2-3 physical workouts a week of some sort, even if it is a light workout such as a walk or bike ride. See to it that you also get the proper amount of sleep and rest so you are more engaged when awake. Lastly, nourish your body with the right foods and enough water. You wouldn’t put inferior grade gas and oil in your car all the time nor would you give spoiled milk to a baby.  Therefore, why would you consistently fuel yourself with poor food choices?

4)    Be Grateful.  Ask yourself, “what is great about today?”  Also, ask yourself who are the 3 people to whom you are most grateful?  Let them know. Be sure to ask yourself what are you grateful for about yourself.  This is an important one.

5)    Start the day on the right foot. I like to start my day with 10-10 Visualizations. What I do here is recite out loud 10 things I am grateful for and 10 things I want and will have. Literally reciting out loud back and forth for 10 minutes. It gets my blood going and I am confident it will get yours going too! By stating what you are grateful for as well as what you are working to accomplish, you are reinforcing your goals and what you are most thankful for every day.

6)    Focus on Solutions. How can the situation be improved or fixed? Don’t spend your time focusing on the problem. Instead of sitting in your misery, ask yourself, what you can do to TAKE ACTION NOW? It is important to give yourself credit for any steps, no matter how small, you are making.  Do not beat yourself up for not conquering or completing everything all at once.

7)    Reduce worries. Only 3% of the things people worry about ever come to fruition, so why worry?  Instead of worrying, focus on things or focus on a solution to the problem or potential problem.

8)    Declare everything Perfect! Do this especially when things do not seem perfect. There is always something good that can come from every situation. When you tell yourself things or situations are perfect you tend to look for the good in things, rather than the bad.

9)    Remember that things can only get better. There is a concept out there that so often lived out and that is, “It is often the darkest before the storm”.  Let the storm pass, and look for the light.


“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”


Go out and have a Positive Day!

To Tell the Truth

The word Integrity highlighted in blue with felt tip pen


I was in a pretty intense conversation once with one of my clients. We spoke about having to let some people go within his organization. My client kept saying he did not want to hurt anyone’s feelings, yet at the same time, he wanted to be true to himself, not only through his words but his actions. He felt that as the leader of the company, it was time to make and follow through on some decisions.

It seems that often we spend too much time worrying about being polite. When we do this, we hold back our heartfelt ideas and beliefs. We feel afraid that someone’s feelings might get hurt if we speak truthfully, either to them or about them.

However, do you think it is possible to be honest without being rude or mean? Is it possible to be truthful in a kind, loving and sincere way? I believe it is, otherwise, how will we communicate to others and let them know who we are? How can others let us know who they truly are? Unless we speak the truth, no idea will be challenged and no good ideas will be shared.

Censoring thoughts and ideas will cut you off emotionally from others. In a way, when you censor yourself it is as if there is an invisible force that is serving to hold you in check. We all need to dig deep and find ways to avoid stifling our genuine thoughts and ideas. Everyone has the capability to express themselves in a kind, loving, and methodical way.  One that is not hurtful. At times, we must make sure to use extra thought and take care to make sure you are using the best words and tone to say what you want to say.  You also need to make sure you are saying them at the right time.  You know the old saying, “timing is everything”. Often, I will ask someone a question in this way: “do I have the permission to share with you what I am thinking and what is in my head and heart, and do it in a safe environment with you”? I find that most times, the person I am speaking with will answer “yes” and be thankful that I was honest and open with them. 

I live by the creed that if one tells the truth and someone turns away from you because of it, that person  was probably not truly a close of friend or acquaintance anyway.

I feel there are two things you can do in your life that really set you free; to tell the truth and live with the truth, even should it hurt.  Also, when you screw up, a good, old-fashioned sincere apology will give you a burst of energy and freshness. This will enable you to move forward with peace and success.

You can’t “Turn It Up a Notch” if something is holding you back and keeping you stuck in the neutral position!! Holding back the truth is often one of the biggest things preventing “breakthrough” success.  I urge you to speak with honesty but to do so with love in your heart. 

Now go out there and “Turn It Up a Notch”!  Sell with truth and  integrity and you will be successful!

The More I Train…..

hard work motivation and success

In almost everything in life if you are going to “Turn It Up a Notch” and strive to be above average, you are going to have to train to improve yourself. Some people call it practice, others call it drilling it into your head, and even others may call it rehearsing. To me, it all boils down to the same thing- you are in TRAINING.  You are working to improve yourself and reach the pinnacle of success you are looking for. I once read that in order for one to be a true expert at something, one must spend at least 10,000 hours learning, practicing, and training on that subject. I am not sure if that number and/or fact is true or not, it certainly is a huge feat to accomplish.

In the game of business and sales, I always suggest that everyone spends a minimum of 30 minutes a day educating themselves.  This breaks down to spending approximately 15 minutes on motivation and 15 minutes on technique. Mathematically, this works out to be a minimum of 10 hours a month and 120 hours a year of bettering yourself.  That is something we all need to be working towards.

When I want to excel at something, I “PDR” (Practice, Drill, Rehearse) like crazy. If you are driven to be at the top of your game, or just want to improve upon where you are, you must embrace the training concept.  You need to be willing to put up with the pain it takes to train. You must be willing to “PDR” until you have your presentation or information down cold.   Otherwise, you will experience the pain of regret when you do not reach the goals you set for yourself. Training breeds confidence and preparedness- exact opposite of fear and mediocrity. The words below speak for themselves.

The more I train…The quicker I get

The quicker I get…The slower they seem

The slower they seem…The easier the game

The easier the game…The greater my threat

The greater my threat…The more attention I draw

The more attention I draw…The tighter they play me

The tighter they play me…THE MORE I TRAIN!


Be excited and enthusiastic about training. Don’t look at it as if it is a burden. The benefits derived from the time and energy you invest in training far outweigh the hassles. Training will make you successful.  You must stick with it and continue to try and better yourself.  Your results will speak for themselves. What type of training can you undertake this week to make you more productive and successful?