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Servant Selling: How to answer objections without feeling pushy

Guest post by: Rory Vaden

Most people have fear about making change.

Which is another reason why prospects need a sales professional.

They need us not only for the purpose of giving them expert information about the product or service they are considering…

They need our assistance in helping them develop the courage to make a change!

You may have not have ever thought of your role in that way, but that is how Servant Sellers think. They realize that sales is less about convincing a stranger and more about helping a friend develop confidence.

There are several decisions that need to be made by a prospect before they can buy.

Of course they need to decide they like the offer but that’s not it. They also need to decide that they’re actually willing to take the risk of making a change. As the sales professional you have to be equipped to serve both of those needs for them.