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The simple truth of the world’s wealthiest people

Guest post by: Rory Vaden

I continue to be under-impressed and underwhelmed at the brilliance of rich people.

Growing up without money I just always convinced myself that they must know something I don’t. They must have something I don’t. They must be something I’m not.

Not really.

Wealthy people are simple.

In fact it’s their simplicity that makes them wealthy.

Most of us overthink, overreact and overcomplicate.

What do wealthy people do?

They just do.

They don’t worry about what they can’t do; they focus on what they can do.

They don’t worry about if it will work; they try it and find out.

Wealthy people don’t waste time trying to find the perfect time, the perfect plan, or the perfect circumstance.

They just act.

They do.

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