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The Habits Triangle and the 3 Elements of Ultra-Performers

Guest post by: Rory Vaden

Do you know anyone who is super smart and intelligent but not very successful?

Do you know someone who doesn’t seem all that smart and yet they are incredibly successful?

Do you know someone who is very motivated and they try really hard but they can never quite seem to make it?

Do you know someone who has all the ingredients to be a top performer but they are a disorganized, chaotic mess?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then you will understand why and how over the past 165 years, The Southwestern Family of Companies and Southwestern Consulting, has developed our methodology – something we refer to as “The Habits Triangle.”

We’ve come to realize that there are three interrelated components that must work synergistically together for someone to become an Ultra-Performer.

You cannot truly become an Ultra-Performer without developing mastery in these 3 areas of your business:

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