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How to Read Key Metric Ratios

Guest Post By: Dustin Hillis

How to Read Key Metric Ratios
How to Read Key Metric Ratios

You cannot expect unless you inspect.

Understanding your key metrics, or as we call them at Southwestern ConsultingTM, your Critical Success Factors, is essential to success.

So many people push, fight and refuse to track their activity and think through their ratios. Usually there are some basic, fundamental ratios that most salespeople need to know and be able to track, regardless of industry.

One of those ratios is the Dial to Reach Ratio.  That ratio measures how many phone calls you have to make/doors you have to knock on/contacts you have to make to reach one decision maker.

 Another that’s important to understand is your Reach to Appointment Ratio or how many decision makers you have to talk with in order to get one of them to set an appointment with you.

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